It is necessary for the government of each country to expand its defense force. Therefore, it always tries to recruit more people into the system. Healthy and capable productive adults are expected to join the force as they would be a great asset to the Department of Defence. There are so many different benefits that the force offers to attract new members. This list is going to provide more precise explanation about the benefits.

  1. Complete healthcare package

Each member of defense force is going to receive a complete healthcare package. This package also includes dental care. The army has hospitals that are equipped with cutting edge medical technology. It also has well-trained staff so that defense force members know that they are in good hands. The healthcare is completely free for army people.

  1. Flexible working system

There is also an opportunity to have more flexible working system as the army member has reached a certain point in their career. This flexible working arrangement might be a combination of remote work and office work. The person has a freedom to make the arrangement as long as they can complete their tasks without any issue. It is a system that aims to increase worker’s work-life balance.

  1. Opportunities to travel globally

An army member gets plenty of opportunities to travel around the globe as the commander sees fit. It can be to do their defense tasks to help other partner countries. It can be also an opportunities to make collaborative work with defense force in other countries. This type of opportunity really helps an army member to develop their knowledge about other cultures and different defense systems.

Opportunities to travel globally
Opportunities to travel globally
  1. Development of personal and professional skills

There are so many different opportunities that is given to defense force members to develop personal and professional skills. This development opportunity is given through various training offerings. The trainings are provided for all positions within the army, whether the person is a doctor, a field soldier, or even a cook. The ability to enhance one’s skill is going to provide a sense of fulfillment which makes a job more enjoyable.

Development of personal and professional skills
Development of personal and professional skills
  1. Housing assistance

Army members also receive a housing assistance. A defense force member can request for a home loan to take a mortgage to purchase a house. Compared to civilians, the process of obtaining home loans for army members is considered to be a lot simpler.  The pre-requisite criteria are not as complicated as common people too.

  1. Great fitness facilities

Maintaining a healthy and fit body is important for any member of defense force. The army provides great facilities such as gym, sport arena, and swimming pool to help its members staying fit. These facilities can be used freely unless stated otherwise. Some of them even have specific trainers.

Those are the additional benefits that one can get when joining the defense force, in addition to attractive remuneration package. Of course, the army job can be very stressful to people who are involved in it. Nonetheless, the benefits are pretty solid.

Defense Sector Career and Related Things
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Defense Sector Career and Related Things

Defense Sector Career and Related Things

Defense Sector Career

Defense sector career jobs can be a challenging profession. This profession is considered prestigious and the country that offers it the most is Australia. There are many parts in the defense force sector and people who apply these careers. Even different background skills can still participate in defense force careers. There are many roles that people can choose from. Examples of different backgrounds and skills are administration, engineering, dadu online technology, and science.

Preparation to Join the Defense Force

There are many preparations you can do when you intend to join the defense force. This will really help you to pass the selection and support your career when it is accepted. You can see some preparations to join you can see below.

  1. Understand What Can Be Your Passion

Every individual has a different career passion. Several types of jobs in the defense force sector are Army, Navy Jobs, and Air Force Defense. Each job will have a different responsibility specification.

  1. Attending a special school related to the Defense Force

Sometimes going to the defense force will require a lot of funds. The first type is Bursary Scholarship. The other scholarships are Salary Scholarship, and Graduate Incentive Scholarship.

Bursary Scholarship will be given to people who are interested to join the Navy. When you get this scholarship, candidates will join the Naval Reserves during the study process. He will become a temporary member during the study process and can join as a permanent member after graduation.

A Salary Scholarship will be awarded for studies in the NZ Defense Force. During their studies, candidates are already part of the NZ Defense Force membership. This financing will include university funding and associated expenses. Then the candidate will also get an annual salary. Each country will provide several different fees for free.

This scholarship will cover the costs upon graduation of the successful candidate. Most candidates will apply at the last stage of the study period.

  1. Always Practicing Physically

Every candidate who dreams of joining the Defense Force needs to always train physically regularly. You don’t always have to come to the gym to train physically. You can do physical exercise anywhere, including at home. For monitoring your physical training, you can use The Force Fit application.

Most of the current candidates practice and monitor it from the application. Some physical exercises you can try every day are warm-ups, curl-ups, press-ups, half squats, back arches, and so on.

You already understand the information related to the Defense Force. Yourself can continue to prepare yourself well to join the defense force team. You will also be able to find out the information for each career responsibility for the next step. It is important to understand what is your passion.

Everything You Must Know About the Marines and Navy
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Everything You Must Know About the Marines and Navy

Everything You Must Know About the Marines and Navy

Everything You Must Know

Everything You Must Know About the Marines and Navy. You plan to join the military service and decide to enter the navy corps. This agency has two options, the marine and navy. Most people put both in the same group due to they are from the same agency. Both also the corps that operate in the shores, water, and sea. On the other hand, you also consider the Coast Guard as another option when taking interest in any naval-related defense force. Before joining, it is necessary to understand the different between the marines and the navy. Check the following sections for more explanation.

  • Purposes

In general, country has three military branches. They are army, navy, and air force that have their own territories. The navy is the defense force that will handle every threat or any security issue on the sea. It includes shores and underwater exploration. However, the navy mostly does not conduct direct action because most warfare and combat occur in the land. In this case, the purpose of the navy is for support, backup, supplies, health, and transportation. Moving many soldiers is more efficient by the sea.

The army is better than the navy in term of close combat and weaponry skill. However, this defense force has one important skill which is they cannot operate in the sea or any related territories. In this situation, the navy must create the special division that will handle direct combat including attacking on enemy ship directly. When the army has additional the navy training, the marines are created. For your information, the marines are part of the navy but have separated command and structure.

  • Lines of Works

Line of works the marines are specifically on close combat and any direct attack. For example, the unknown ship enters the sea that creates an extreme threat. The navy will direct make first contact with communication. Unfortunately, that ship does not respond even show some weapons. In this situation, the solution is direct attack from the navy with heavy fire. Another option is infiltration using the marines.

If joining the marines, you are likely to participate in the mission that involves close combat directly in the enemy territories. Even though defense force is mainly for maintaining order, having attacking squad is still necessary. On the sea, the marines can be deployed quickly and efficiently. Before mission is started, the navy must provide support, information, navigation, intelligence, and arms. From this point, you understand both agencies operate in the same area but different lines of work.

  • Training

In the United States, you must enter eight weeks training to be part of the navy. Most of training sessions focus on physical demand especially related to water and sea. After that, the solder will starts into some specializations based on their interest, needs, assessment, and situation. For the marines, you extend the training up to 12-13 weeks. Beside physical and anything about the navy, the soldier must obtain skills in hand-to-hand combat, arm, infiltration, and some training closely related to the army.

For your information, it does not mean the navy is lack of capability to do close combat. Some of them are trained to be the special force. As long as you know the differences and lines of works, choose properly between the navy and the marines.

World Military Uniform Tour from Luxury Factory in Sukoharjo
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World Military Uniform Tour from Luxury Factory in Sukoharjo

World Military Uniform Tour from Luxury Factory in Sukoharjo

World Military Uniform

World Military Uniform, if you like the world’s military or army-style fashion. it is enough to come to Sukoharjo Regency in Central Java Indonesia, then you can witness the prowess of dozens of world military units that are neatly stored in the area. It is located at Jalan K.H. Samanhudi, Sukoharjo, stands a majestic “museum” displaying military uniforms from 30 countries in the world.

Starting in 1994, Vice President of PT Sri Rejeki Isman Tbk Iwan K. Lukminto explained that the first military uniform his company made was an order from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) for the needs of German and British soldiers.

The Quality of Military Uniforms

The quality of military uniforms made by the company, which is often called Sritex, then spreads to other NATO member countries. Germany, Austria, Norway, the Netherlands, Sweden and many other countries in Europe and the Middle East are Sritex’s customers to date. Now they can export 1 million to 1.5 million pieces of military uniforms per year.

According to the son of Lukminto, the founder of Sritex, there are at least 30 countries whose military uniform needs have been served by the company. According to him, the high demand for military uniforms made in Sukoharjo is due to the technology that Sritex has embedded in them.

Technology Military Uniforms

“Our military uniforms are waterproof, fire repellent, anti-infrared, insect repellent, bullet proof, anti-radiation and even anti nucleus and biochemical (nubika). The technology is made by mixing chemical reactions. It’s difficult to be able to create it, “said Iwan.

Every country, said Iwan, has different military uniform specifications and cannot be compared to other countries. The specifications depend on the conditions and terrain faced by soldiers in the field.

“The standard of all products for Europe uses anti-radiation. But not for countries in Asia,” said Iwan.

Terms of Color and Materials

Meanwhile, for countries in the Middle East, in terms of color and materials, it is adapted to the hot climatic conditions in the region. Especially for nubika specifications, this was done for the uniforms of the German and Malaysian forces.

Especially for Indonesian military uniforms, Iwan admits that he really wants to embed a lot of technology in it. However, the current demand from the Indonesian National Army (TNI) is sufficient to supply insect-repellent uniforms.

To expand exports, Sritex is targeting revenues of US $ 675 million. Therefore, Sritex provides another added value to the Indonesian military uniform in the form of striped motifs that resemble the Indonesian archipelago. “Especially for Indonesia, we produce 1.2 million pieces every year,” said Iwan.

The Specification of Military Uniform Technology

The higher the specification of military uniform technology ordered by a country; the price tag attached to Sritex will increase. Iwan said that the cheapest price for a set of military uniforms. Is IDR 600,000, up to the most expensive one is worth millions of rupiah.

According to Iwan, Sritex will continue to strive to make Indonesia the main producer of world military uniforms. This is because the potential to supply other countries is still wide open. While exploring new market potentials, Sritex’s management will also explore penetration into the countries it has served so far. This penetration is carried out by providing uniforms for the needs of the military in countries that have used Sritex products.

Best Tips to Prepare for Defense Force Exam
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Best Tips to Prepare for Defense Force Exam

Best Tips to Prepare for Defense Force Exam

Best Tips to Prepare

Best Tips to Prepare for Defense Force Exam. A career in the defense force is still considered a promising career. Lots of people try hard to succeed in the defense force exam to get into the air force, naval, and army. Different from other exams, defense force exams are difficult and only certain people are eligible to apply. The competition of the defense force exam is not a joke. This is because the vacancy is limited yet the participants are abundant. If you are going to pursue a career in the defense force, here are some basic tips to succeed in the exam.

Understand the Syllabus and Exam Pattern

Similar to other entrance exams, the defense force exam also has its syllabus and pattern. The subject of the exams is usually general knowledge, English, and basic mathematics. Each subject has a minimal score for you to pass the exam within a limited time. It is also important to try plenty of mock test before applying for the actual exam. Besides understanding the exam pattern, it is also important to understand the syllabus. The subjects for the defense force exam are vast, but you need to memorize them. Repetition is the key to successfully remember the subjects for the exam. So, you need to keep practice and practice while doing lots of mock tests.


So, studying is not the only important thing for the defense force exam. But before you start studying, it is important to have self-understanding. Make sure you know your weaknesses and strength. If it is possible make lists of subjects that you are good at and lists of subjects that you are not good at or have zero understanding of. Finish one subject at one time before proceeding to other subjects. Besides self-understanding, it is also important to have a clear reason why you choose a career in the defense force.

Enhance Defense Knowledge and Current Affairs

Since you are going to join in defense force service, it is basic to understand knowledge about it. You should know the current deals in the defense force and stay updated. Besides issues in the defense force, it is also important to enhance knowledge of current affairs at least for the previous six months. This includes recent national and international affairs such as awards, honors, news, convention, and such.

Good Time Management

Time management is a basic tip for the exam day. Similar to other exams, defense force exams also have limited time offer. The common mistake most people make during exams is to spend too much time on 2-3 questions only. This makes you run out of time to check the rest of the questions. To prevent this to happen, you should practice good time management during mock tests. So, you do not need to waste time on certain questions only and have better time management.

Stay Positive

Preparing for the exam is surely tough, but during the process, you need to stay positive and develop good attitudes. Stay positive boosts confidence during the exam and will result in better accuracy. Make a study schedule or lists of subjects that you need to study, so you can build consistent preparation.

Some Great Benefits of Living on a Defense Force Base
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Some Great Benefits of Living on a Defense Force Base

Some Great Benefits of Living on a Defense Force Base

Some Great Benefits

Some Great Benefits of Living on a Defense Force Base. Defense force is somewhat similar to the military. The main branches of defense force are naval service, air corps, and army. The primary mission of defense force is to contribute to state’s security. The work activities will actually depend on the role and the branch. Surprisingly, living on a defense force base provides many great advantages. Here are some great advantages of living on a defense force base.

Competitive Price

In general, a defense force has a competitive price when compared to the off base. Hence, the cost of living is greatly affecting the prices. You can also find some items you couldn’t find outside the base. However, veterans and retirees are allowed to shop near the base but have to oat local tax rates as well.

Family Activities

Defense force bases provide particular events for all heritages and holidays to make the defense force members feel close to their tradition and home. Some cultural events are commonly held to engage all members within a diverse environment.

Some Great Benefits Education

As a family of defense force members, you deserve education when living on a base. Defense force members’ families have the right to study near the base. Some education institutions that are available such as:

  • Child care and kindergarten
  • Middle school
  • College education that also accepts the tuition assistance program and GI bill for dependents.

Family Support Services

Family support when living on a defense force base can provide care for dependents and their family members. Some important services include:

  • Volunteer program and marriage counseling
  • Family support for the spouse
  • Religious amenities for varying beliefs along with counseling
  • Family entertainment centers
  • Care for pre-school and after school
  • Care service for a child from other licensed and approved defense force family members on the base.
  • Teen centers that can help with youth trips, school works, and other events.
  • Emergency relief loans
  • Service for a single-member

Dental and Medical Facilities

Almost all defense force bases have their own dental and medical facilities (clinics) for their members and dependents. The main priority is the dependents even though veterans, retirees, and government employees are allowed to join the service. The capacity of the clinic, equipment, and staff will also influence the range of services to all qualified definitely by the base.

To be eligible for medical and dental service, a person has to be enrolled in the defense force’s DEERS (defense eligibility enrollment reporting system) program. Normally, when an ID card is on your hands already, your data will immediately be input in DEERS to make sure whether or not you are eligible for this service. Even in divorce or marital separation event, the dependent children still have the right to the service until they graduate from college or high school. The service member can typically continue to pay the monthly rate for the services in the event of a divorce if they approve.

Recreation Activities

The base also offers outdoor recreation centers that include fitness and sports centers. The services are free for those who have an ID card rather than in private health centers.

Living in a defense force base is not always that bad. Most people assume that living on a base seems scary and uneasy. In fact, there are many services and facilities are offered for defense force’ family members.