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Lafayette Brigade Generally Drills the First Saturday of Each Month

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Brigade/Battalion Information

Brigade Headquarters - Norfolk, VA
Commanding Officer: COL Gardner

Virginia National Guard Armory

3777 East Virginia Beach Blvd
Norfolk, VA 23502
Drill: 1st Saturday of the Month

21st Battalion - Onancock, VA
Commanding Officer:

Virginia National Guard Armory

67 Kerr Street
Onancock, VA 23417
Drill: 1st Saturday of the Month

22nd Battalion - Hampton, VA
Commanding Officer: LTC Hitt

Virginia National Guard Armory
208 Marcella Road
Hampton, VA 23666
Drill: 1st Saturday of the Month
POC: MAJ J. Fronkier
Ph: 757-838-7341

Volunteer with the VDF

From the first days of the history of our nation up to the present, citizen soldiers have been making it their mission to serve the people of the State of Virginia. Our country was founded on the principal of service to our fellow citizens. That spirit is alive and well today in the selfless  service of  hundreds of men and women who volunteer their time, skills and diverse talents  to serve their fellow Virginians as members of the Virginia Defense Force.
   As a member of the Virginia Defense Force you will be able to get training in  several emergency response skills that will enable to help your fellow Virginians in time of natural or man-made emergencies.  (Click on the "Recruiting Info" link for more information.)

 - First Aid/CPR

 - Radio Communications
 - Emergency Management
 - Security Operations
 -  Force Management & Leadership
 -  As well as several other positions within the VaDF

Virginia Defense Force's 
Mobile Communications Platform



VDF History

The Virginia Defense Force (VDF) volunteer tradition goes back to the earlies days of Colonial Virginia. From the 1600s until World War I, our state was defended largely by state-raised militia units. During World Wars I and II, while the Virginia National Guard was called into Federal Service, the Virginia State Guard served as the "Home Guard."

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"Virginians Helping Virginians"


BDE Commander
COL Gardner

BDE Exec. Officer


Virginia National Guard Armory
3777 East Virginia Beach Blvd.
Norfolk, VA 23502

BDE Sections


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