World Military Uniform Tour from Luxury Factory in Sukoharjo

World Military Uniform

World Military Uniform, if you like the world’s military or army-style fashion. it is enough to come to Sukoharjo Regency in Central Java Indonesia, then you can witness the prowess of dozens of world military units that are neatly stored in the area. It is located at Jalan K.H. Samanhudi, Sukoharjo, stands a majestic “museum” displaying military uniforms from 30 countries in the world.

Starting in 1994, Vice President of PT Sri Rejeki Isman Tbk Iwan K. Lukminto explained that the first military uniform his company made was an order from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) for the needs of German and British soldiers.

The Quality of Military Uniforms

The quality of military uniforms made by the company, which is often called Sritex, then spreads to other NATO member countries. Germany, Austria, Norway, the Netherlands, Sweden and many other countries in Europe and the Middle East are Sritex’s customers to date. Now they can export 1 million to 1.5 million pieces of military uniforms per year.

According to the son of Lukminto, the founder of Sritex, there are at least 30 countries whose military uniform needs have been served by the company. According to him, the high demand for military uniforms made in Sukoharjo is due to the technology that Sritex has embedded in them.

Technology Military Uniforms

“Our military uniforms are waterproof, fire repellent, anti-infrared, insect repellent, bullet proof, anti-radiation and even anti nucleus and biochemical (nubika). The technology is made by mixing chemical reactions. It’s difficult to be able to create it, “said Iwan.

Every country, said Iwan, has different military uniform specifications and cannot be compared to other countries. The specifications depend on the conditions and terrain faced by soldiers in the field.

“The standard of all products for Europe uses anti-radiation. But not for countries in Asia,” said Iwan.

Terms of Color and Materials

Meanwhile, for countries in the Middle East, in terms of color and materials, it is adapted to the hot climatic conditions in the region. Especially for nubika specifications, this was done for the uniforms of the German and Malaysian forces.

Especially for Indonesian military uniforms, Iwan admits that he really wants to embed a lot of technology in it. However, the current demand from the Indonesian National Army (TNI) is sufficient to supply insect-repellent uniforms.

To expand exports, Sritex is targeting revenues of US $ 675 million. Therefore, Sritex provides another added value to the Indonesian military uniform in the form of striped motifs that resemble the Indonesian archipelago. “Especially for Indonesia, we produce 1.2 million pieces every year,” said Iwan.

The Specification of Military Uniform Technology

The higher the specification of military uniform technology ordered by a country; the price tag attached to Sritex will increase. Iwan said that the cheapest price for a set of military uniforms. Is IDR 600,000, up to the most expensive one is worth millions of rupiah.

According to Iwan, Sritex will continue to strive to make Indonesia the main producer of world military uniforms. This is because the potential to supply other countries is still wide open. While exploring new market potentials, Sritex’s management will also explore penetration into the countries it has served so far. This penetration is carried out by providing uniforms for the needs of the military in countries that have used Sritex products.

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