VaDF Information and Facts

The Virginia Defense Force is in 35 Virginia Army Reserve National Guard armories across the state with
an Aviation Brigade Headquarters located at Fort Pickett.

As of  01 February 2007 the VaDF has a total strength of 573 volunteers.
There are three (3) Brigades and an Aviation Batallion plus a Division Headquarters:
 Division HQ is located in Richmond.
 Brigade HQ's are located in Manassas, Norfolk, and Roanoke.
 Aviation Batallion HQ is located at Fort Pickett.

The Division has four (4) Mobile Command Posts that are primarily used for communication for both
the Virginia Army National Guard and the Virginia Department of Health. One MCP  is located
 at each Brigade HQ as well as at Division HQ.

The Virginia Defense Force has trained personnel to provide triage for mass casualty situations as well as non-lethal security.

VaDF Chaplains are designated to provide suppport to the VARNG as needed.

In the western part of the state, the Virginia Defense Force assists the VARNG with its burial detail as needed.

Black Horse Brigade: located in Manassas and consists of two (2) Battalions with four (4) Commanding Officers each.
Highland Brigade: located in Roanoke and consists of three (3) Batallions with three (3) Commanding Officers each.
Lafayette Brigade: located in Norfolk and consists of two (2)  Batallions with four (4) CommandingOfficers each.
Aviation Battalion Headquarters: located at Fort Pickett  and consists of four (4) Companies with 18 privately owned aircraft. The Companies are located at Danville, Lynchburg, Topping, and Orange County airports.
Military Police Company: trained to provide non-lethal security and crowd control.