Some Great Benefits of Living on a Defense Force Base

Some Great Benefits

Some Great Benefits of Living on a Defense Force Base. Defense force is somewhat similar to the military. The main branches of defense force are naval service, air corps, and army. The primary mission of defense force is to contribute to state’s security. The work activities will actually depend on the role and the branch. Surprisingly, living on a defense force base provides many great advantages. Here are some great advantages of living on a defense force base.

Competitive Price

In general, a defense force has a competitive price when compared to the off base. Hence, the cost of living is greatly affecting the prices. You can also find some items you couldn’t find outside the base. However, veterans and retirees are allowed to shop near the base but have to oat local tax rates as well.

Family Activities

Defense force bases provide particular events for all heritages and holidays to make the defense force members feel close to their tradition and home. Some cultural events are commonly held to engage all members within a diverse environment.

Some Great Benefits Education

As a family of defense force members, you deserve education when living on a base. Defense force members’ families have the right to study near the base. Some education institutions that are available such as:

  • Child care and kindergarten
  • Middle school
  • College education that also accepts the tuition assistance program and GI bill for dependents.

Family Support Services

Family support when living on a defense force base can provide care for dependents and their family members. Some important services include:

  • Volunteer program and marriage counseling
  • Family support for the spouse
  • Religious amenities for varying beliefs along with counseling
  • Family entertainment centers
  • Care for pre-school and after school
  • Care service for a child from other licensed and approved defense force family members on the base.
  • Teen centers that can help with youth trips, school works, and other events.
  • Emergency relief loans
  • Service for a single-member

Dental and Medical Facilities

Almost all defense force bases have their own dental and medical facilities (clinics) for their members and dependents. The main priority is the dependents even though veterans, retirees, and government employees are allowed to join the service. The capacity of the clinic, equipment, and staff will also influence the range of services to all qualified definitely by the base.

To be eligible for medical and dental service, a person has to be enrolled in the defense force’s DEERS (defense eligibility enrollment reporting system) program. Normally, when an ID card is on your hands already, your data will immediately be input in DEERS to make sure whether or not you are eligible for this service. Even in divorce or marital separation event, the dependent children still have the right to the service until they graduate from college or high school. The service member can typically continue to pay the monthly rate for the services in the event of a divorce if they approve.

Recreation Activities

The base also offers outdoor recreation centers that include fitness and sports centers. The services are free for those who have an ID card rather than in private health centers.

Living in a defense force base is not always that bad. Most people assume that living on a base seems scary and uneasy. In fact, there are many services and facilities are offered for defense force’ family members.

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