Everything You Must Know About the Marines and Navy

Everything You Must Know

Everything You Must Know About the Marines and Navy. You plan to join the military service and decide to enter the navy corps. This agency has two options, the marine and navy. Most people put both in the same group due to they are from the same agency. Both also the corps that operate in the shores, water, and sea. On the other hand, you also consider the Coast Guard as another option when taking interest in any naval-related defense force. Before joining, it is necessary to understand the different between the marines and the navy. Check the following sections for more explanation.

  • Purposes

In general, country has three military branches. They are army, navy, and air force that have their own territories. The navy is the defense force that will handle every threat or any security issue on the sea. It includes shores and underwater exploration. However, the navy mostly does not conduct direct action because most warfare and combat occur in the land. In this case, the purpose of the navy is for support, backup, supplies, health, and transportation. Moving many soldiers is more efficient by the sea.

The army is better than the navy in term of close combat and weaponry skill. However, this defense force has one important skill which is they cannot operate in the sea or any related territories. In this situation, the navy must create the special division that will handle direct combat including attacking on enemy ship directly. When the army has additional the navy training, the marines are created. For your information, the marines are part of the navy but have separated command and structure.

  • Lines of Works

Line of works the marines are specifically on close combat and any direct attack. For example, the unknown ship enters the sea that creates an extreme threat. The navy will direct make first contact with communication. Unfortunately, that ship does not respond even show some weapons. In this situation, the solution is direct attack from the navy with heavy fire. Another option is infiltration using the marines.

If joining the marines, you are likely to participate in the mission that involves close combat directly in the enemy territories. Even though defense force is mainly for maintaining order, having attacking squad is still necessary. On the sea, the marines can be deployed quickly and efficiently. Before mission is started, the navy must provide support, information, navigation, intelligence, and arms. From this point, you understand both agencies operate in the same area but different lines of work.

  • Training

In the United States, you must enter eight weeks training to be part of the navy. Most of training sessions focus on physical demand especially related to water and sea. After that, the solder will starts into some specializations based on their interest, needs, assessment, and situation. For the marines, you extend the training up to 12-13 weeks. Beside physical and anything about the navy, the soldier must obtain skills in hand-to-hand combat, arm, infiltration, and some training closely related to the army.

For your information, it does not mean the navy is lack of capability to do close combat. Some of them are trained to be the special force. As long as you know the differences and lines of works, choose properly between the navy and the marines.

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