Best Tips to Prepare for Defense Force Exam

Best Tips to Prepare

Best Tips to Prepare for Defense Force Exam. A career in the defense force is still considered a promising career. Lots of people try hard to succeed in the defense force exam to get into the air force, naval, and army. Different from other exams, defense force exams are difficult and only certain people are eligible to apply. The competition of the defense force exam is not a joke. This is because the vacancy is limited yet the participants are abundant. If you are going to pursue a career in the defense force, here are some basic tips to succeed in the exam.

Understand the Syllabus and Exam Pattern

Similar to other entrance exams, the defense force exam also has its syllabus and pattern. The subject of the exams is usually general knowledge, English, and basic mathematics. Each subject has a minimal score for you to pass the exam within a limited time. It is also important to try plenty of mock test before applying for the actual exam. Besides understanding the exam pattern, it is also important to understand the syllabus. The subjects for the defense force exam are vast, but you need to memorize them. Repetition is the key to successfully remember the subjects for the exam. So, you need to keep practice and practice while doing lots of mock tests.


So, studying is not the only important thing for the defense force exam. But before you start studying, it is important to have self-understanding. Make sure you know your weaknesses and strength. If it is possible make lists of subjects that you are good at and lists of subjects that you are not good at or have zero understanding of. Finish one subject at one time before proceeding to other subjects. Besides self-understanding, it is also important to have a clear reason why you choose a career in the defense force.

Enhance Defense Knowledge and Current Affairs

Since you are going to join in defense force service, it is basic to understand knowledge about it. You should know the current deals in the defense force and stay updated. Besides issues in the defense force, it is also important to enhance knowledge of current affairs at least for the previous six months. This includes recent national and international affairs such as awards, honors, news, convention, and such.

Good Time Management

Time management is a basic tip for the exam day. Similar to other exams, defense force exams also have limited time offer. The common mistake most people make during exams is to spend too much time on 2-3 questions only. This makes you run out of time to check the rest of the questions. To prevent this to happen, you should practice good time management during mock tests. So, you do not need to waste time on certain questions only and have better time management.

Stay Positive

Preparing for the exam is surely tough, but during the process, you need to stay positive and develop good attitudes. Stay positive boosts confidence during the exam and will result in better accuracy. Make a study schedule or lists of subjects that you need to study, so you can build consistent preparation.

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